How do I install RacingLine PCM Tuning Box?



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Is a RacingLine PCM Tuning Box easy to install?


Perfect fitment. Just for MQB Evo cars.

PCM has been designed with OE levels of quality in mind. With a stunning CNC machined housing, carbon fibre battery mounting bracket, perfect-fit wiring looms and matching mounting hardware, it will look right at home in your engine bay. Because PCM is only developed for the 2.0 TSI MQB EVO vehicle, you can be assured of perfect fitment.

Note: for US/Canada Audi S3 with battery in trunk, the PCM mounting bracket does not fit. The PCM operates perfectly if you are prepared to mount it yourself, or an updated fitting kit is coming soon.


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Can I install at home?

PCM has a simple installation, providing you have a basic level of mechanical knowledge. The PCM unit sits above the battery, using the provided carbon fibre battery mount and hardware, while the wiring loom is plugged into existing sensors found at the top of the engine.


Or for full peace of mind, all of our approved PCM dealers around the world can also install this for you, subject to labour charges.

RacingLine PCM Tuning Box Fitting Instructions


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What's in the kit?

Simple. Everything you need for install, in a kit specifically built for the MQB 'EVO' cars with the 2.0 TSI engine.

As well as the PCM box with its beautiful billet case, a carbon fibre bracket mounts it perfectly on top of the battery. The wiring loom is to the perfect length for your car. Finally a deactivation plug is included, should you ever choose to temporarily disconnect your PCM.

What's included to fit the RacingLine PCM Tuning Box


Is PCM removable?

PCM is completely removable, with no changes to be made to the hardware or software of the original car.


We also include a PCM blanking unit, which plugs into the existing wiring loom and removes the PCM calibration, without having to remove any of the installed hardware.

Can RacingLine PCM Tuning Box be detected?


Does PCM affect warranty?

It's very clear - any tuning modification on your vehicle can invalidate your manufacturer's engine & powertrain warranty. So if your dealer sees the PCM fitted, then they'd be entitled to reject a warranty claim on the engine or drivetrain.

Of course, PCM is fully removable. With it removed, the car is returned to true stock, but whilst PCM leaves minimal trace to the ECU, it's important to understand that there is no guarantee that this product is warranty safe and is installed at the customers’ own risk.

Will a RacingLine PCM Tuning Box void warranty?
How can I buy Can RacingLine PCM Tuning Box


Find your local OEM+ dealer

When the time comes for your free of charge upgrade to our OEM+ calibrations, you'll need to able to take your car to the RacingLine OEM+ dealer who supplied your PCM module.

It's important to be clear that, although all RacingLine dealers can supply the PCM unit, if that dealer is not OEM+ approved, then they will not be able to provide your free of charge upgrade.

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Register your PCM before use

Before enjoying your new PCM, please register the serial number of your device on the website link here.


Registering your PCM will activate the device’s warranty and upgrade path when applicable. Failure to register may invalidate these resources.