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Terms & Conditions

You can upgrade to OEM+ software any time after the software upgrade becomes available.

PCM must be registered when purchased via the online portal linked at the bottom of this page to claim warranty on the PCM device or the ‘no charge upgrade path’.

To upgrade you must return your PCM to the original purchasing dealer or request authorisation from RacingLine. 

Upgrades only available to the registered original purchaser and PCM fitted vehicle, this is tracked and logged via VIN.

Installation of the OEM+ software and removal of the PCM may incur an installation fee however no charge for the software will be applied.

Device condition criteria and market value adjustment may apply. If your PCM / wiring loom isn’t in good condition, the following damage reduction percentages will apply. 15% of device value for broken or customised PCM, carbon mountings or wiring loom, damaged (but fully functional); 50% of PCM value.

Geographical restrictions may apply. 

Power numbers quoted dependent on fuel type and test conditions.


Register your PCM before use

Before enjoying your new PCM, please register the serial number of your device on the website link here.


Registering your PCM will activate the device’s warranty and upgrade path when applicable. Failure to register may invalidate these resources.

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