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How can I upgrade RacingLine PCM Tuning Box?



Free upgrades to OEM+ Software


Free upgrade

A popular part of RacingLine's OEM+ software offering is our free of charge upgrades from Stage 1 and above for all our customers.


Being a part of the OEM+ family, the PCM is also eligible for our free engine ECU calibration upgrade path. This allows you to exchange your PCM box and receive an OEM+ tuned calibration for your ECU just as soon as it's available*.

Meaning that you can enjoy the extra power and torque that PCM provides in the meantime, safe in the knowledge that whenever available, you are entitled to upgrade to our OEM+ Stage 1 and 1+(plus Stage 2 or even 3 beyond that if applicable).

This free upgrade offer can only be carried out if your PCM was supplied by one of our OEM+ Approved Software Dealers. You will have to be able to take your car to them for the upgrade to be carried out.

*  Dealer installation charges may apply.


Via your OEM+ dealer

Upgrades are only applicable to the original purchaser, with proof of sale required from the supplying dealer.

Whilst all of our RacingLine dealers can supply PCM for you, it's very important to understand that only those RacingLine dealers that are also OEM+ software approved will be able to perform the free upgrade when that time comes.


To learn more about upgrades, please contact your OEM+ Software dealer.

Where can I upgrade RacingLine PCM Tuning Box to OEM calibration?


Find your local OEM+ dealer

When the time comes for your free of charge upgrade to our OEM+ calibrations, you'll need to able to take your car to the RacingLine OEM+ dealer who supplied your PCM module.

It's important to be clear that, although all RacingLine dealers can supply the PCM unit, if that dealer is not OEM+ approved, then they will not be able to provide your free of charge upgrade.

Check out our dealer listing here:



Register your PCM before use

Before enjoying your new PCM, please register the serial number of your device on the website link here.


Registering your PCM is very important - it will activate the device’s warranty and upgrade path when applicable. Failure to register may invalidate these resources.

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